• Jenna Morse

Essential Oils for sleep support

Updated: May 9, 2018

Essential oils for sleep support and teeth grinding:

I have struggled with restlessness and grinding my teeth for awhile now. Two oils from Young Living called Valor and lavender have supported those issues tremendously. I just rub them on my jaw line and put a couple drops on my big toes before I go to sleep at night. Your big toe connects to your brain and your skin will absorb it quickly.

I have been using essential oils for so long (since 2013!) but I can hardly believe the difference in the therapeutic benefits since using Young Living.

Essential oils for the best sleep of your life:

Young Living just got Valerian back in stock after a long time. This oil is a life savor. I just put a drop on my big toe and diffuse with lavender and peace & calming. Smelling essential oils is the quickest way to calm down the nervous system.


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