• Jenna Morse

How to detox your liver and eliminate body fat

There are so many high fat and high protein diets trending. I have tried pretty much every diet out there and found this diet does not work for me. While everyone's body is different, I have found the high fat/high protein diet does not work well long term for most people. I am not saying it won't work for some people but if you have struggled with chronic illness your whole life, this is the worst way to eat. My liver is in overload because of my past with drugs and alcohol so eating a diet high in fat and protein causes me to feel unmotivated and tired. I currently eat a diet full of whole plant foods that are higher in carbohydrates and low in fat. I mostly eat fruit until the afternoon then I try to wait to start eating fat until dinner time. Most of my diet resembles what Medical Medium recommends for people with brain fog and liver issues.

I feel better now at 25 then I have in my entire life. I also cut out all cane sugar about a year ago. I do not eat anything processed and I only eat clean ingredient organic packaged foods every once and awhile. I think it is really important to listen to your body and notice how foods make you feel. I also think it is beneficial to eat according to the seasons. Your body is naturally going to feel better eating more raw and cooling foods during the summer months. During the winter months, it is going to feel better eating more cooked and warming foods. The key thing is to cook your food at home the majority of the time so you know exactly what is going into your food. Try to eliminate using a lot of cooking oils because this is excessive fat that your body does not need if you have liver issues.

To summarize, listen to your body. Eliminate processed food and eat an organic whole food plant based diet. Try dabbling with a lower fat diet to see if it makes you feel better. Since my liver is so overloaded, I strive to only eat fat after 3 or 4PM. Do not be hard on yourself if you are not doing everything perfect. It is all about balance.

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