• Jenna Morse

How to Eat Intuitively

The concept of intuitive eating has been hard for me to grasp for quite some time. Being in school and on the go all the time made it hard for me to take the time to actually enjoy my food. Recently, I have been focusing on chewing my food better. Technically, you are supposed to chew your food until it is liquid before you swallow. I usually just make sure I chew it really well and take breaks in between bites.

Another thing I learned from my grandfather and HydroColon therapist is to not drink liquids 15-20 minutes before or after meals. It interferes with digestion. Since I have been doing this, my digestion has been incredible. I feel full and satisfied after I eat. I am no longer bloated and sick after I eat. Cooked foods are harder for me to digest so I try to eat extra slow with cooked food versus when I am eating a salad.

Tips for intuitive eating:

1. Take your time preparing your food. Prepare it with love and gratitude.

2. Eat with no distractions-turn off the TV, computer, and your phone

3. Eat in nature versus inside whenever possible

4. Try to eat with friends, family or loved ones.

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