• Jenna Morse

My transition into a fully plant based vegan diet

Updated: May 1, 2018

Through all the many diets I tried, I decided to go plant based vegan in February of 2016. My transition was easier then I thought. It was as if this is what my body was craving for years. I slowly felt like I was healing. I stopped taking Adderall and a few months later became vegan so my body was going through a heavy detox. I mostly ate raw vegan during this time. I have always loved smoothies and continued to drink them everyday. I learned how to make them taste good with plant based milk and coconut water. Having really ripe bananas helped me too since I have such a sweet tooth. I ate a lot of lettuce wraps with raw veggies and hummus. If I felt like I needed something cooked, I would always have sweet potatoes or rice.

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