My Personal Testimony:

In 2016, I discovered Kangen Water. Prior to that, I suffered from candida and bloating. I had started eating plant based shortly before but even that didn't seem to be enough. I always had headaches, low energy, insomnia and indigestion after meals. Once I started drinking Kangen Water, I immediately felt better. Within a few months, my candida was completely gone and the headaches and low energy subsided. I now have tons of energy all throughout the day, amazing digestion, and no bloating because my body is being hydrated to the fullest extent. I don't have trouble sleeping anymore and don't wake up throughout the night to pee. This is because the water is staying in my body and hydrating it. Those are just some of the benefits I have experienced. I drink almost a gallon of water daily because it goes down so smoothly. 


Kangen water has changed so many lives for the better. It can change yours too!

"I feel like I drink more water since I have been introduced to kangen water. I never really liked water (except when I workout). Now, I drink water all day long.

-Tamara Morse. Santa Cruz, California

"When I discovered Kangen Water, I was skeptical like most. I thought, 'no way there's a water with the ability to actually hydrate me'. I am very sensitive to heat so when I overheat it goes 0 to 100 real quick. My body shuts down and I get a headache that then turns into a migraine and doesn't go away unless I take a cold shower and sleep. Whenever I tell people this their immediate response is 'well do you drink enough water'. Of course, I drink enough water but the amount wasn't the problem, it was the type. Sure, I would drink alkaline water but it would be plastic bottled water that was filled who knows how long ago. Kangen water really hydrates me. I enjoy how I feel when I drink Kangen water."

-Lili Rivera. San Diego, California

"One day I woke up with a horrible hangover after a long night of drinking. I hadn't had a hangover this badly in months, I could barely function. I reached out to my friend, Jenna and she suggested I come over and drink some of her Kangen water 11.5. I thought it wouldn't hurt to try so I had a glass. Instantly, I started feeling better. After the third glass, I felt much better as if my hangover was cured! 

-Micaela Pesci, Santa Cruz, California

"One of the many reasons I decided to buy a Kangen Ionizer was that my 16 year old son had battled with his weight for about 5 years and I'd read all about the threapeutic benefits of molecular hydrogen in Kangen water and pbesity. When he first started drinking Kangen water, he'd tell me he felt much less brain fog,was able to concentrate better, was sleeping better and had more energy through the day. Along with all of that, he was finally loosing weight, his skin cleared up and I could see his confidence increasing! As a parent this has definitely hands down been one of the best investments we've made for my family's health.

-Debbie-Jane Harris, Gold Coast, Australia 

"If I could describe myself in one word when it comes to products, supplements, etc, it would be 'SKEPTICAL'. I am extremely wary of many things on the market that promise to improve your health. Kangen Water is something I was extremely skeptical about. I was introduced to this water in 2013. My mother came home with a crazy looking water contraption and I was so hesitant to try it. I researched, went to meetings and then finally tried the water. I was a college athlete at the time solely hydrating with Kangen water. I noticed a difference right away. The way it hydrates you versus any other water I have tried is unreal! There is a reduction in fatigue when I drink Kangen water unlike when I drink ANY other water and I have tried many different waters. I know it seems crazy that something as simple as water can do this but it did wonders for me. Glowing skin, healthy hair, well hydrated, less fatigue, the list goes on. This water is the real deal and the future! Best tasting water ever! Invest in your health and your life now!


- Jessica Toliver, Temecula, California

"I absolutely love Kangen water. When I tried Kangen water for the first time last year, I didn't know it was any 'miracle water' or 'special water'. I thought I was just drinking regular water but I noticed a difference right away. There is a pure taste to Kangen water because there are no chemicals in it and it is living water. It helped me stop craving soda. I was addicted to coca cola and since having this water in my life, I can't even have a few sips of soda without feeling awful. Never going back to awful tap water, which has so many chemicals and no more bottled water for me either".


-Catalina Small,  Saint Petersberg, Florida