Why did I choose Young Living?


I have been living a non-toxic lifestyle since 2013 and essential oils are what first helped me detox my body and home. 


I have tried many different essential oil companies but I have never experienced emotional, mental, and physical benefits the way I do with Young Living Essential Oils.

I always got so overwhelmed by the multitude of natural products and essential oils on the market. Luckily, Young Living is your one stop shop. They not only have essential oils but also bath & body products, pet care, make-up, baby products, household products, and more! All of their products are completely non-toxic and infused with their line of essential oils! They also have a wonderful rewards program that gives you discounts, free product, and money back in points! When I used to shop at Whole Foods, local health food stores, and Amazon, I never got all those bonuses. 

What more could I ask for?


I finally found the perfect company that has everything I could ever need and I don't even have to go anywhere! It gets delivered directly to my doorstep. 

        So why else do I think Young Living is the best and completely trust them?

First off, Young Living is the only essential oil company in the world that owns their own farms. They are also the only essential oil company in the world that has their own act of compliance that has been reviewed and approved by the government. Young Living has 16 corporate owned and partner farms in 11 different countries.


They grow and distill the oils that are grown on their farms. Anyone from the public can visit any of their farms as well. How cool is that? Young Living is based in Utah and that is where their main farms are located.

Most other essential oils on the market are completely unregulated and are allowed to label their oils 100% pure therapeutic grade when they in fact, are not.


Half or more of the bottle may be synthetic or added fragrance. Isn't that scary?! I know, I thought so too.

But with Young Living, not to worry, they have a seed to seal promise, which means they have standards of testing to ensure each essential oil is optimal quality.


If an oil is distilled and doesn't meet their special standards, then it will not be bottled.


Young Living has extremely high testing standards and every oil bottled must meet the Lacey Act of compliance.


Each farm globally has to fulfill these standards in order to be bottled.